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AssureHire (AH) is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) that prepares Consumer Reports for authorized employers under the provisions of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The AH Privacy policy is very simple: AH only collects applicant data pursuant to written Authorization and Disclosure under the FCRA and only disseminates consumer reports to employers as directed in the written authorization. In other words, data is only collected and distributed at the direction and authorization of consumers. The data is maintained in a secured site. AH maintains strict policies and procedures in all aspects of its operation to protect the privacy of consumers.

NOTE: AH does NOT send U.S. applicant information outside of the U.S. for processing. Once data leaves the U.S., the data is beyond the reach of U.S. privacy laws and there are no meaningful privacy protections. AH believes that firms that send data outside the U.S. put applicants and employers at great risk, for no other reason than to make a little more money. In some countries, it is a well known fact that U.S. identities are stolen and used for identity theft. As a practical matter, someone in the U.S. has no ability to hire a lawyer in a foreign country to pursue legal action or contact a foreign police authority to get any action taken. The only exception is where AH is asked to perform an international verification and the information resides outside of the U.S. Even in that situation, AH goes to great length to protect applicant data by going directly to the school or employer. If it is necessary to have a researcher do research in a foreign country, AH only releases the minimum information absolutely necessary. AH strongly advises all employers to ask a screening firm if they send data outside of the U.S. and to seriously consider the dangers to their hiring processes and to their applicants.

Personal Information Disclosure: United States or Overseas

AssureHire (AH) opposes the “offshoring” of Personal Identifiers (PID) of consumers - such as names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers (SSNs) - sent overseas outside of the United States and its territories and beyond the protection of U.S. Privacy laws. AH’s mission is to protect the PID of consumers, which is best done by keeping all such information in the United States.

AssureHire does not transmit, share, or transfer personal and identifiable information outside the United States or its territories for the purposes of processing or preparing consumer reports. The sole exception occurs where there is a request for an international background checks and the information needed for the report is located outside of the US or its territories. Even in that situation, AH does not transfer personal information unless absolutely required and would only transfer the minimum information needed to prepare the report.

AH belongs to ConcernedCRAs a group of Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) dedicated to protecting consumer privacy by not offshoring PID. AH has adopted the policy of ConcernedCRAs and operates in as follows:

Domestic Background Screening: Where a CRA (background screening firm) is providing background screening services for consumers in the United States based upon information available in the U.S., a firm displaying the ConcernedCRAs seal certifies that it does not send data outside the U.S. or its territories for processing or preparation of a background check report or for any other reason. All work is done in the U.S.

How Consumers Dispute Information in a Consumer Report If consumers are the subject of a consumer report prepared by AssureHire (AH) and find incorrect or incomplete information, they have the right under federal law to dispute it. Consumers may contact AH by calling 855-906-4473 and asking to speak with a Dispute Resolution Specialist. For more information contact

The following links will take consumers to the document ‘A Summary of Your Rights Under the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act’ provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB):


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